Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happiness is.............

.....................many things to many different people.

Here are some of my favourite tips and simple pleasures that always brighten up my world.

Tip1: Become and optimist.
Optimists are happier and more successful. In the face of set-backs they see the future as full of possibility. How? Imagine your best possible self 10 years from now. What are you doing? How are you feeling? Reflecting on dreams can help you think positively.

Tip 2: Focus on what’s going right.
This is a “biggie” and one of the principles of the law of attraction.Ever wondered why the law of attraction isn’t working for you? I’m sure you will find the principle reason is you are focusing on all that isn’t working and not what is going right. In tests 92% of depressed people who listed every day three things that went well, became happier with their symptoms halved in 15 days.

Tip 3: Try meditation.
Buddhist Matthieu Ricard is one of the world’s happiest people. He has spent much of the past 35 years meditating. Studies have shown that meditation causes huge activity in the brain area associated with happiness. A few hours of meditation can kick-start this process.

Tip 4: Perform Random Acts of Kindness.
According to various research happy people are more likely to volunteer, and the more they do, the happier they are. Acts of kindness are an easy way in; they give you perspective and counter feelings of alienation.

Here are some things that create those warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness within me (aside from the obvious of family and friends).

Little Miss Sunshine


My luggage coming out first on the conveyor belt at the airport
The postman arriving with lots of packages

Guilty pleasures:
Ben and Jerry's ice-cream
Cashmere socks for slouching around in the house
New books
Homemade soup on a really cold day

Lovely Day-Bill Withers
Dancing Queen- Abba
Don’t Stop me Now- Queen
Club Tropicana- Wham

Please leave a comment and let me know what makes you happy.

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Amp said...

Hi, Van,

It’s nice to read your blog. You are so positive! You make me very envious!

I roared with laughter when I read that one of yours favourite sights is: My luggage coming out first on the conveyor belt at the airport. I totally agree with you!!

I agree with you about music as well. I like a lot: Wham! (Last Christmas), Queen (everything!) and ABBA (my mother’s favourite Group). Although my favourite pop Group is: The Smiths. I really feel happy while I drive to my work listening to: “The boy with the thorn in his side” and “There is a light that never goes out” or “Meat is murder”.

Other things that make me happy are: My son’s smile, a bunch of daisis, the smell of “nenuco” (a baby’s cologne) and, over all: my kitchen cleared up!!!
A kiss. Amp

Vanessa said...

Hi Amp

I love your comments and always look really forward to reading them.

Funnily enough The Smiths make me feel really depressed when I listen to them. I guess it's all about perceptions. But I loved that the thing that makes you the happiest is your kitchen cleared up. Love it!