Sunday, October 7, 2007

My two new friends!

I would just like to say a special "hi" to my two new friends who I have met through blogging; Jeanette and Holly.
Both of these writers have blogs all about the wonderful world of the Law of Attraction (LoA). There are lots and lots of blogs about this topic, but these have to be two of the best I have ever come across (and I have been interested in the LoA for years now).
Jeanette's blog-Law of Attraction Playground is the first I came across. As a LoA Coach she is clearly an expert in this area and yet her blogs are really down-to-earth and realistic. Some of her tips and advice for attracting/manifesting what we want in our lives has proved invaluable to me.

If on the other hand you find the whole concept of the LoA all a bit "woo-woo", then you have to read
Holly's blog- Holly's Law of Attraction Adventure . It is really quite hilarious, and really gives a comedic spin on what can be quite a difficult metaphysical topic. Her writings are hilarious and I think you will gain so much from both blogs.
That's the great things about blogs. I've made some many friends across the globe; people whose paths I would most probably never have crossed, and yet through the wonders of blogging we can share stories, ideas and friendships.
How fantastic is that!


Good Vibe Coach said...

How sweet are YOU, Vanessa?! Thanks for the shout out! Your words mean a lot to me, especially because it's been my goal to bring LOA to our real, daily lives.

Which you helped do with your most recent blog on gratitude journaling. I love how you talk about flowing apprecation to the "little things" like fresh water! It's sometimes natural for us to take for granted the things we truly are most grateful for.

Wonderful reminder on a very important LOA topic!

Thanks again for the kind words about the Playground blog. Much appreciated! In fact, I'll include that in my next gratitude journal entry! : )

holly said...

you totally rock! i totally appreciate the comments!

also, i'm glad you derive enjoyment from the posts. i'm glad i'm not just sitting here giggling at myself without other people getting a laugh too. :)

AND - it's nice to have a LoA friend. :)

isn't it all just awesome? yay us!

Vanessa said...

My pleasure to you both!!!! You are both extremely talented writers.