Sunday, April 4, 2010

So What Breeds Corporate Loyalty?

What I have found recently talking to many of the clients I have is their loyalty to a company seems to fall into distinct categories, and none of these categories are related to money!! How’s that for a shocking statement?

Talking to my clients, several themes seem to emerge:

Professional Development:
Employees who are given the opportunity to learn more skills and increase their skills set are much more likely to stick around. It seems to be the most important reason clients have given for staying with an organisation.

Coaching and Feedback:
Even top performers need to know how well (or not) they are doing, what’s working and what needs improvement. Smart managers understand that every employee wants to feel their contributions are being appreciated, and once this fails to happen employees start heading for the door (even surprisingly in this economic climate)

Positive work environment:
As we spend nearly 70% of our lives at work, this really is a biggie!
Whether you are on a factory floor, or have the much coveted “corner office”, ones environment and co-workers influence a big chunk of job satisfaction. It seems that apart from the work flowing, a little fun every now and then; birthday celebrations and the like, do a lot to keep morale up.

Good bosses:
Ooooh, this is a really subjective issue. But the fact is people don’t really leave their work, they leave their bosses (well I know I have in the past!). You just have to consider what happens when a popular boss leaves an organisation, there usually follows a mini-exodus. Even people who are happy with their job resign to follow their leader (irrespective of the money on offer).

So to close both this post and the previous post (which are connected), if you take a job merely for the salary, I’m willing to bet your job satisfaction will be on the lower end of the scale, and your frustration will be off the chart. But if it’s a job you love, chances are the rewards will follow.

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Amp said...
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Amp said...

Hello Van,

First of all, excuse my English. It isn’t as good as I would like.

Everything you say is very interesting. However, I fear it sounds to me a bit theoretical.

I strongly believe that people work exclusively for money. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your boss is or the opportunity that the Company gives you to increase your skills what make you stick around. I think it is the mortgage, your children’s school, food, taxes, etc. what make you be loyal to a Company. Summing up, working is a real “Divine Punishment”. As you know, quoting from the Bible, when God said to Adam and Eve: "By the sweat of thy brow thou shalt earn thy bread."

On the other hand, I completely agree with you about the importance of having an enjoyable leisure. Reading, going to the cinema or a good restaurant is what boosts you to go the very next day to the office and overcome this “Monday morning feeling”.

I think your blog is fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity that you give us to reflect on interesting issues.


Vanessa said...

Dear Amp

Firstly, your English was fantastic-absolutely no comparison to my Spanish!
Thank you for your wonderful comments. I love that you always give an alternative perspective; and you are so right also.
Thank you so much for your comments, and keep them coming Amp!