Monday, August 20, 2007

The Honey Bee Has it Sussed!!!!

A question coaching clients often ask me is, "how do I find my purpose in life?" They get really tangled up and stressed trying to find out what their purpose is; what should they be really doing with their lives.A great and easy way I find to explain how we fit into the grand scheme of things is by using this fab quote by Peter H.Thomas

"If you asked a honey bee what it's purpose in life is, it would say it is to make honey for the colony. However, we know that a bee's life contributes a whole lot more to our world than just busily making honey. By doing its daily work, the honey bee in fact goes around and pollinates all the flowers and plants which results in new life for our planet. So just like in our lives, we may not realize what our big purpose in life is, by doing what we're passionate about, and by doing it well, with focus and determination, we may just affect a whole bigger purpose in our lives."

This sums it up totally for me!

How do you decide your purpose?


Good Vibe Coach said...

What a great quote to base a blog post on, Vanessa! And I can relate to having clients who struggle with that question. Shoot, I struggled with it myself for many years until I read Abraham's "you are not here to fix a broken world" in Ask & It Is Given. Reading those words immediately changed me. I mean, I was a different person from that moment on. It's like I could see the light and hear the harps all at the same time in that flash of an instant.

Anyway ... great blog you've got here! Even if you took the entire month of September off! lol

Keep up the great work, Vanessa!

Vanessa said...

Hi Jeanette

Thank you SO much for your comments.
Yes , I was a little "naughty" holidaying in September. But I promise to pull my finger out as Autumn rolls on (hey! maybe I need my own Coach to kick me up the....... every now and then!)

Dana said...

Hi Vanessa,

I'm new to your blog and I love it! I found you on Priscilla McIntire's Personal Development blog list, which I found on Jeannette's site. It's funny what we're drawn to, because I was drawn to Jeannette's style and presentation, as well as yours and you are buds. Go figure!

I know this is an older post of yours, but I have been using Thomas Leonard's value/goal principle of attraction to "figure out purpose" with folks, and this quote will really help to punctuate it perfectly.

Great to meet you!

Vanessa said...

Hi Dana

I have just seen your comment on this oler post of mine. I don't usually go back an look at comments on older posts, but "something" just led me to do that today.
Apologies for the dleay in replying, but a BIG thank-you for dropping by. Please stay in touch.